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Molly is a social impact leader: founder of Impactic Volunteers, World Economic Forum Fellow and founder of a Global Shapers Community Hub in London. Previously, she was Accenture’s UK Social Impact Partnerships & Employee Engagement Lead. Awarded Startup Rising Star 2022 by University of Exeter following incubator for Impactic.

Molly Bevan 

Hi there,

It's great to have you here - I love seeing the Impactic community growing!

Running Impactic is far more than a venture for me, it is truly a passion and I feel so grateful to be able to empower others to use their skills to make the world a better place.

The idea for Impactic came about organically. After graduating from university, I had some extra time on my hands when my grad scheme at Accenture got delayed (due to COVID-19). To make the most of this, I upskilled in some data analytics tools and then approached my local branch of Mind, the mental health charity, to offer my support. During my 6 months volunteering, I witnessing untapped potential, using these tools to drive data-driven decisions.

Once I joined Accenture, I discovered that most employees left their 3 volunteering days per year unused (this is unfortunately a very common theme in organisations). Determined to change this, I created data-driven projects with charities Ocean Generation and TRAID, and offered to upskill colleagues along the way... and so many employees signed up!

This experience made me realise that traditional volunteering activities, like planting trees or painting fences, is not leveraging the talents of the corporate world. Volunteering is so much more exciting and meaningful when people can use and develop their skills to truly make a lasting impact.

I have been working on Impactic full-time since end of 2022 and been blown away by the momentum, and I can't wait to see where we go from here!

But enough about me... I would love to hear from YOU!  Drop me a message here and let's see if we can make some impact together...

Speak soon,


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