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Project case study

Accenture in partnership with the British Red Cross

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We developed and facilitated a bespoke half-day volunteering event, enabling Accenture’s Resources team to volunteer for the British Red Cross in a meaningful and effective way.

19 volunteers, ranging from analysts to senior managers, worked together to tackle a variety of tasks which were high-value for the charity and tailored to the employees' skillsets, these included:

1. Trends analysis & storytelling 

Visualisations to better understand state of volunteering within BRC, looking at demographics, roles offered, retention rate etc.

2. Rolling out Power BI

Strategies on tech implementation across the charity with focus on how to upskill staff, and style tips on existing dashboards

3. Volunteer engagement strategies

Recommendations on connecting with less tech-savvy volunteers, improving data collection methods and website review


The stats

93% feel like they have used and developed existing skills.


89% would like to volunteer with Impactic again.

89% feel they have made a difference.

86% feel they have strengthened bonds with colleagues.

68% feel more connected with their employer.

What people think

I thoroughly enjoyed working with such bright minds through the afternoon. The outputs and feedback were extremely helpful and are already feeding into our backlog and future plans. I learned a great deal from this session, but most of all for me, this was really fun!"

Paul Remic, Leadership Team of British Red Cross

I wish there were more volunteering opportunities like this one; I really enjoyed it and felt like I actually learned something whilst also giving back."

Tanya Olusanya, Accenture

This was a fantastic opportunity to see the cohesion of volunteering and upskilling. Learning whilst making an impact!"

Jozeene Bailey, Accenture

It was definitely a more accessible model than other volunteering sessions I've been involved in - we massively benefitted from being in the office."

Lily Collis, Accenture

First volunteering experience - it was really fun to use Power BI to make a difference."

Nasirdin Farid, Accenture

It felt far more useful than other work volunteering days (e.g. litter picking!).

Alexander Wilson, Accenture 

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