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Interested to use and develop
your skills while meaningfully supporting a charity?


What is an Impactathon?

An in-person, collaborative event with impact at its core!

The volunteering projects being tackled during the day:

  • Directly align to a charity's key priorities

  • Leverage and develop each volunteer’s unique skillset

  • Cover a range of themes, e.g. data analytics, strategy, marketing...

What will the day involve?

  • Learn about the charity and their challenges

  • Work in a team to come up with solutions

  • Use your skills for the greater good

  • Meet like-minded individuals throughout the day

  • Present back to the charity

Upcoming Impactathon at Microsoft


  • Date: Friday 15th Dec (9am-5pm)

  • Location: Microsoft (Paddington, W2 6BD

  • Charity: YoungMinds

Impactathon Participation Fee

Price* (subsidised): £50 per person

* As a non-profit social enterprise, all funds generated above expenses go towards delivering more impact to more charities. 

This fee may be covered by your employer (please contact Impactic if you have any queries about this).

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